Battle of the Sexes big time

Part cartoon, part narrative, Battle of the Sexes is from a psychological and personality perspective looking at biological, family, social beliefs, and habits point of view. For kids of all ages. Improve relationships.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

01 What It Is About

This series of blogs is about human nature in general, more specifically how personality works to affect individuals, family, groups, and nations.  This particular blog is about how beliefs and groups can affect how we treat each othr, in particular the different sexes.  I want to make psychology easier for those who have not already slaved over psych books. So I have used cartoons to represent key ideas. They are not the traditional jargon of past writers but the ideas are still there. I want this endeavor to be fun for me and you. Post comments or questions and I will review them. If you do not want them published please tell me so. The next post is the key to the key concepts. Remember, I will make it simple as it should be for adults and children.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

02 The Key to key ideas.

This is a blog about the battle of the sexes from a biological, social, belief, and activity perspective. It is based on the four basic personality factors of biological, family or emotional, beliefs, and habits and activities. My blog helps to explain these personalities.

There it is, my key. Don't let it boggle your mind, I will explain it. Our lower nature is our inborn selfish or self centered instincts. Our upper nature is the inborn altruistic or help others, even sacrifice self for others, instincts. Natures ultimate goal is to preserve the species or life in general, so it is survival of the fittest group capable of carrying on life in general. It is not survival of the biggest bully, but survival of the group.

The upper nature is ran by Mr. Do. He is the upper part of the brain that runs our bodies. That is unless Dragon from the lower nature does not rush in from the survival mode. If we are in a dangerous situation the Survival mode is the instinct to save us. First we Freeze and assess the situation, next we will Flight or get out of harms way, if trapped we will Fight, lie, cheat, steal, or even kill to survive. If it is activated or let loose without real danger it can cause lots of unnecessary drama and pain to self and others. Dragon is aggressive and will try to take over. Remember Dragon is selfish.

A deeper explanation can be viewed at by clicking it in the side bar.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 Consciousness, Men and Woman are Different

Consciousness is a lot like memory. Our brain perceives, feels, thinks, and gets us to act and do things we are not always conscious of, as when we drive. We call it subconscious. It is habits of doing, thinking, feeling, and perceiving some things and ignoring other things, feelings, thoughts, and actions. But it is even more. Our brains work faster than we are aware of. Woman's subconscious can be very different from men's subconscious due to biological differences (woman respond longer to faces and voices even at birth), emotional differences (woman and men are raised differently), social differences (social norms and expectations are different for men and woman), and action differences (woman prefer different tasks such as homemaker and men love to hunt more). These differences can lead to a pleasant contrast and blending or to the battle of the sexes.

Sorry, I said I would look at normal again and them meet Rosy and Frank.  I will do that now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

04 Rosy's Personality is very different than Frank's

As you can see Rosey's Personality as shown in her brain is very different from Frank's Personality and brain.  Rosey is typical of females but much more to the extreme on femaleness.  Frank is very typical of maleness but again on the extreme.  Woman and girls tend to operate a bit more from the upper nature than men and boys more a bit more in the lower nature.  Girls tend to put love in the center and observe people and  boys observe things and can be more mischievious and self centered.  The difference may not be very great but can be exaggerated when life experiences teach us to elaborate on the differences.  It can go the other way too, where guys are more loving and gals more mischievious but Rosy and Frank are the first not the latter.  Lets see how this plays out in a situation.  The next post will be a cartoon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

06 Are Men Opportunistic In Relationships?

Men are by nature hunters and worriers.  That means they need to be more indifferent to animals and others.  Testosterone does this.  They must be able to seize the moment of the hunt or kill.  When this bleeds over to relationships they can be devastating to the female need to nurture.  It takes a sophisticated
man to hold back the urge to be opportunistic in a relationship, usually taught by their mothers when they are young.  Frank does not meet the qualifications.  Rosy gets frustrated.  In time she will learn better methods.  But Frank can read her intentions.  Enjoy the cartoon.