Part cartoon, part narrative, Battle of the Sexes is from a psychological and personality perspective looking at biological, family, social beliefs, and habits point of view. For kids of all ages. Improve relationships.

Monday, August 24, 2009

04 Rosy's Personality is very different than Frank's

As you can see Rosey's Personality as shown in her brain is very different from Frank's Personality and brain.  Rosey is typical of females but much more to the extreme on femaleness.  Frank is very typical of maleness but again on the extreme.  Woman and girls tend to operate a bit more from the upper nature than men and boys more a bit more in the lower nature.  Girls tend to put love in the center and observe people and  boys observe things and can be more mischievious and self centered.  The difference may not be very great but can be exaggerated when life experiences teach us to elaborate on the differences.  It can go the other way too, where guys are more loving and gals more mischievious but Rosy and Frank are the first not the latter.  Lets see how this plays out in a situation.  The next post will be a cartoon.

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