Part cartoon, part narrative, Battle of the Sexes is from a psychological and personality perspective looking at biological, family, social beliefs, and habits point of view. For kids of all ages. Improve relationships.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 Consciousness, Men and Woman are Different

Consciousness is a lot like memory. Our brain perceives, feels, thinks, and gets us to act and do things we are not always conscious of, as when we drive. We call it subconscious. It is habits of doing, thinking, feeling, and perceiving some things and ignoring other things, feelings, thoughts, and actions. But it is even more. Our brains work faster than we are aware of. Woman's subconscious can be very different from men's subconscious due to biological differences (woman respond longer to faces and voices even at birth), emotional differences (woman and men are raised differently), social differences (social norms and expectations are different for men and woman), and action differences (woman prefer different tasks such as homemaker and men love to hunt more). These differences can lead to a pleasant contrast and blending or to the battle of the sexes.

Sorry, I said I would look at normal again and them meet Rosy and Frank.  I will do that now.

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